The Monster ...

We all have it in us … a Monster. Its what happens when your thoughts turn into negative reactive actions, It happens to me when I feel like I have lost control of a situation and I go into “ defensive victim mode “ or when I feel like someone is taking advantage of me then I go into “ reactive bitch mode “ It’s why my Bosses call me Princess.

Social media brings out the Monster in most people and it really is the worst part about it. It is a fantastic business tool as well as for people keeping in touch with friends and family but man when there is a controversial topic I have never seen the human race act in such a mean fashion.

For instance this week, someone attacked a small business , and by small business I mean a hard working guy that has a fish market . He has run his business for years, seven days a week and does his best to please his customers .He has regular customers that will not go anywhere else. He has built a solid brand out of hard work and customer service. For some unknown reason, this person called him out and accused him of cheating him on the weigh scales for the shrimp he bought. Instead of calling the owner to address his concerns he went out of his way to write a crucifying accusatory post .His customers immediately jumped to his defense luckily. The next day I went down to see him,.He had a sad look in his eyes and his shoulders slumped as he said “ I do not understand why he would do that or at least come and see me so I can make him happy ‘

This is what the internal Monster in people is capable of when not controlled. When the Monster leash is dropped and its fangs come out to bite even the sweetest of people. We have all let the Monster out when we are tired and irritable, when we had too much tequila the night before , not enough sleep , financially stressed .. All of the things in life that cause us misery and grief.

Politics and facebook have their own special kind of Monster. That Monster comes from the bowels of the hell in you and reeks of the sinister comments that you never that would come of your keyboard. The rage in that Monsters eyes are murder red with no regard for the consequence, It has ruined friendships , marriages and has now become an item to put on your dating profile . Since when have we become so intolerant of each other’s ideals. I cannot convince a Jewish man to become a Catholic so why would I spend all that mental energy on trying to convince someone what their political view should be!

And not the biggest Monster that roams the Earth in all of us – COVID – vaccinated or anti – vacc. This has separated us a race. The virus in fact is not as dangerous or damaging as what it has done to us and how we treat and respect each other, or don’t .

My friend called me a few weeks ago, on zoom . He didn’t ask me what was new or how I am. He asked me if I had watched this YOUTUBE video on the conspiracy of the virus. I said to him “ Mike you are almost 60 years old, you have a vein that is bulging out on your forehead as you are talking , why are you working yourself up into an internal rage for no reason ? Dude, you are in the heart attack zone . Let’s just talk about our friendship and the good part about that “ He agreed and the conversation turned to planes and cars and the vein was replaced by a warm smile.

Your Monster is your own. It’s yours to train and control. You can either breathe deeply or keep him calm or you can kick him and yank at his leash so he is ready to jump out of the cage.

People- we have been given two tasks in life . One is to find work you really love and the other is to Be a GOOD person . That’s it.

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